The ultimate jQuery Plugin List

jQuery is definitely my favourite Javascript Library and this ultimate jQuery Plugin List is for all other jQuery Lovers out there. At the moment there are about 240+ awesome Plugins in the List I'm sure that there are a lot of other plugins out there - so if you knew one that's not in the list please post a comment and i will add it. Thanks!

File upload

Ajax File Upload
Multiple File Upload plugin
jQuery File Style
Styling an input type file
Progress Bar Plugin

Form Validation

jQuery Validation
Auto Help
Simple jQuery form validation
jQuery XAV - form validations
jQuery AlphaNumeric
Masked Input
TypeWatch Plugin
Text limiter for form fields
Ajax Username Check with jQuery

Form - Select Box stuff

jQuery Combobox
jQuery controlled dependent (or Cascadign) Select List
Multiple Selects
Select box manipulation
Select Combo Plugin
jQuery - LinkedSelect
Auto-populate multiple select boxes
Choose Plugin (Select Replacement)

Form Basics, Input Fields, Checkboxes etc.

jQuery Form Plugin
jLook Nice Forms
Ping Plugin
Toggle Form Text
jQuery Field Plugin
jQuery Form'n Field plugin
jQuery Checkbox manipulation
jQuery labelcheck
3 state radio buttons
ShiftCheckbox jQuery Plugin
Watermark Input
jQuery Checkbox (checkboxes with imags)
jQuery SpinButton Control
jQuery Ajax Form Builder
jQuery Focus Fields
jQuery Time Entry

Time, Date and Color Picker

jQuery UI Datepicker
jQuery date picker plugin
jQuery Time Picker
Time Picker
Farbtastic jQuery Color Picker Plugin
Color Picker by

Rating Plugins

jQuery Star Rating Plugin
jQuery Star Rater
Content rater with, ajax and jQuery
Half-Star Rating Plugin

Search Plugins

Autocomplete Box
jQuery Suggest
jQuery Autocomplete
jQuery Autocomplete Mod
jQuery Autocomplete by AjaxDaddy
jQuery Autocomplete Plugin with HTML formatting
jQuery Autocompleter
AutoCompleter (Tutorial with PHP&MySQL)
quick Search jQuery Plugin

Inline Edit & Editors

jQuery jFrame
Jeditable - edit in place plugin for jQuery
jQuery editable
jQuery Disable Text Select Plugin
Edit in Place with Ajax using jQuery
jQuery Plugin - Another In-Place Editor
tEditable - in place table editing for jQuery

Audio, Video, Flash, SVG, etc

jMedia - accessible multi-media embedding
JBEdit - Ajax online Video Editor
jQuery MP3 Plugin
jQuery Media Plugin
jQuery Flash Plugin
Embed QuickTime
SVG Integration
jQuery Multimedia Portfolio
jQuery YouTube Plugin


jQuery lightBox plugin
jQuery FancyBox
jQuery Multimedia Portfolio
jQuery Image Strip
jQuery slideViewer
jQuery jqGalScroll 2.0
jQuery - jqGalViewII
jQuery - jqGalViewIII
jQuery Photo Slider
jQuery Thumbs - easily create thumbnails
jQuery jQIR Image Replacement
jCarousel Lite
Interface Imagebox
Image Gallery using jQuery, Interface & Reflactions
simple jQuery Gallery
jQuery Gallery Module
EO Gallery
jQuery ScrollShow
jQuery Cycle Plugin
jQuery Flickr
jQuery Lazy Load Images Plugin
Zoomi - Zoomable Thumbnails
jQuery Crop - crop any image on the fly
Image Reflection

Google Map

jQuery Plugin googlemaps
jMaps jQuery Maps Framework
jQuery & Google Maps
jQuery Maps Interface forr Google and Yahoo maps
jQuery J Maps - by Tane Piper


Tetris with jQuery
jQuery Chess
Mad Libs Word Game
jQuery Puzzle
jQuery Solar System (not a game but awesome jQuery Stuff)
jQuery Memory

Tables, Grids etc.

jQuery ingrid
jQuery Grid Plugin
Table Filter - awesome!
jQuery Tree Tables
Expandable "Detail" Table Rows
Sortable Table ColdFusion Costum Tag with jQuery UI
jQuery Bubble
Scrollable HTML Table
jQuery column Manager Plugin
jQuery tableHover Plugin
jQuery columnHover Plugin
jQuery Grid
TableSorter plugin for jQuery
tEditable - in place table editing for jQuery
jQuery charToTable Plugin
jQuery Grid Column Sizing
jQuery Grid Row Sizing

Charts, Presentation etc.

jQuery Wizard Plugin
jQuery Chart Plugin
Bar Chart
Accessible Charts using Canvas and jQuery

Border, Corners, Background

jQuery Corner
jQuery Curvy Corner
Nifty jQuery Corner
Transparent Corners
jQuery Corner Gallery
Gradient Plugin

Text and Links

jQuery Spoiler plugin
Text Highlighting
Disable Text Select Plugin
jQuery Newsticker
Auto line-height Plugin
Textgrad - a text gradient plugin
LinkLook - a link thumbnail preview
pager jQuery Plugin
shortKeys jQuery Plugin
jQuery Biggerlink
jQuery Ajax Link Checker
Chili jQuery code highlighter plugin


jQuery Plugin - Tooltip
jTip - The jQuery Tool Tip
Flash Tooltips using jQuery

Menus, Navigations

jQuery Tabs Plugin - awesome! [demo nested tabs]
another jQuery nested Tab Set example (based on jQuery Tabs Plugin)
jQuery idTabs
jdMenu - Hierarchical Menu Plugin for jQuery
jQuery SuckerFish Style
jQuery Plugin Treeview
treeView Basic
FastFind Menu
Sliding Menu
Lava Lamp jQuery Menu
jQuery iconDock
jVariations Control Panel
ContextMenu plugin
CSS Dock Menu
jQuery Pop-up Menu Tutorial
Sliding Menu

Accordions, Slide and Toggle stuff

jQuery Plugin Accordion
jQuery Accordion Plugin Horizontal Way
haccordion - a simple horizontal accordion plugin for jQuery
Horizontal Accordion by
Accordion Example from
jQuery Accordion Example
jQuery Demo - Expandable Sidebar Menu
Sliding Panels for jQuery
jQuery ToggleElements
Coda Slider
Accesible News Slider Plugin
Showing and Hiding code Examples
jQuery Easing Plugin
jQuery Portlets

Drag and Drop

EasyDrag jQuery Plugin
jQuery Portlets
jqDnR - drag, drop resize
Drag Demos


XSLT Plugin
jQuery Ajax call and result XML parsing
xmlObjectifier - Converts XML DOM to JSON
jQuery XSL Transform
jQuery Taconite - multiple Dom updates
RSS/ATOM Feed Parser Plugin
jQuery Google Feed Plugin


Wresize - IE Resize event Fix Plugin
jQuery ifixpng
jQuery pngFix
Link Scrubber - removes the dotted line onfocus from links
jQuery Perciformes - the entire suckerfish familly under one roof
Background Iframe
QinIE - for proper display of Q tags in IE
jQuery Accessibility Plugin
jQuery MouseWheel Plugin

Alert, Prompt, Confirm Windows

jQuery Impromptu
jQuery Confirm Plugin


jQuery Style Switcher
JSS - Javascript StyleSheets
jQuery Rule - creation/manipulation of CSS Rules

DOM, Ajax and other jQuery plugins

jQuery Dimenion Plugin
jQuery Loggin
Metadata - extract metadata from classes, attributes, elements
Super-tiny Client-Side Include Javascript jQuery Plugin
Undo Made Easy with Ajax
JHeartbeat - periodically poll the server
Lazy Load Plugin
Live Query
jQuery Timers
jQuery Share it - display social bookmarking icons
jQuery serverCookieJar
jQuery autoSave
jQuery Puffer
jQuery iFrame Plugin
Cookie Plugin for jQuery
jQuery Spy - awesome plugin
Effect Delay Trick
jQuick - a quick tag creator for jQuery



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Klaus Hartl schrieb am 21. November 2007 um 12:58

Just wanted to let you know that jQuery UI Tabs (Tabs 3) has been released the other day:

The tabs you're linked is the old version 2 I do not maintain any longer. Also there's nothing much to creating nested tabs, I made a demo for this as well a while ago...

Johann schrieb am 21. November 2007 um 12:59

Thanks for the links to my jQuery plugins. Hope you like them.

Webdawson schrieb am 21. November 2007 um 13:08

Thanks for the Info Klaus! I've changed the link and added your nested example.

@ Johann - your plugins are great! Thank you!

Keith Donegan schrieb am 22. November 2007 um 18:11

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. thanks a bunch for compiling this great list

Joan Piedra schrieb am 24. November 2007 um 3:31

Nice to see my plugins in there :)

Hebertphp schrieb am 28. November 2007 um 20:09

Very, very cool!!!!


caruso_g schrieb am 4. Dezember 2007 um 9:23

…luckily Jürgen Koller comes in help with a logically structured jQuery plug-ins list, sorted by tipology…

Andrea schrieb am 5. Dezember 2007 um 23:45

What about CHILI ? (

Steven Lee schrieb am 10. Dezember 2007 um 10:28

Great, I love jQuery too

Shawphy schrieb am 17. Dezember 2007 um 17:16

so much~~
I'm just using 3 of them.

Michael schrieb am 3. Januar 2008 um 6:15

Easy News 1.0.1
Here is a jQuery plugins that lets you create JavaScript News Slide as fly.(Tested with jQuery 1.2.1)
Easy News 1.0 has function as following

Cross browser( Tested with IE7 and Firefox 2.0)
Both PREV and NEXT auto play
Pause while mouseover
No extra setup
No other plugins needed
Any Html content accept (Even Flash)
Display effect support fadeIn and Out,Left to Right ,SlideUp and Down (Tested with IE7 and Firefox 2.0)
Display speed adjustment
You can edit css change any layout color you like

phpbird schrieb am 20. März 2008 um 1:50


Freddy schrieb am 25. März 2008 um 13:39

Amazing... thanks !

liliy schrieb am 8. April 2008 um 15:01

Great,there are also many plugins schrieb am 11. April 2008 um 9:58

This has literally saved me about 5 hours of work.

Danke Jürgen !

Webdawson schrieb am 11. April 2008 um 9:59

You're welcome! :)

maxbnet schrieb am 17. April 2008 um 8:49

Great list. Please remove snapshot (or bind on click) :)

maxbnet schrieb am 12. Mai 2008 um 9:22
Fernando schrieb am 14. Mai 2008 um 22:11

I just released my jQuery Memotest (Game):

Ari schrieb am 21. Mai 2008 um 13:20

greatz... thanks a lot

Shaan schrieb am 21. Juli 2008 um 9:09


here my first plugin.

With this autocomplete plugin, you can add autocomplete functionnalities to a classic input box.

Demo Url :


Scootoreeft schrieb am 3. August 2008 um 2:27

Thank you

Maimuzo schrieb am 7. August 2008 um 15:52


Tanve schrieb am 14. August 2008 um 11:22

Nice Collection !

carlo schrieb am 5. Oktober 2008 um 10:19

mullinx, it's a very simple jquery plugin that transforms normal links to multi-directional links.

hope you like it!

health schrieb am 12. Dezember 2008 um 7:52

Very good article

Jqueryamo schrieb am 22. Dezember 2008 um 11:25

Excellent article. Today the web is essential to have these Plugin. In addition, port to your attention my personal plugin jquery: If you like, I would be happy if you add it to the list of this article. Thank you

Freelance Maroc schrieb am 12. Januar 2009 um 0:55

Great liste our there, thank you .

Frank schrieb am 16. Januar 2009 um 21:51

Here's my new favorite - a jQuery Cheat Sheet for the iPhone!

Looks like there's also a CSS Cheat Sheet from the same guys.

CN schrieb am 21. Januar 2009 um 8:27


??????? schrieb am 21. Januar 2009 um 16:48

??????? ?????? ????????? ????? ??????, ?????? ?????? ? ?????? ? ???! ??? ????? ??????? ???????? ?? ?????? ??????????? ? ????? ??????????.

Felix schrieb am 28. Januar 2009 um 19:17

könntest mal die Liste updaten :-)

Didi schrieb am 21. April 2009 um 11:27

"????? ???? ?? ???????"

??? schrieb am 24. Mai 2009 um 16:44

??????? ????????

fordogen schrieb am 29. Mai 2009 um 11:16

why can't i write here in russian? and thank you for plugin list

MegaFill schrieb am 21. Juni 2009 um 8:59

Nice plugins! tnx

Mary Lou schrieb am 29. Oktober 2009 um 13:07

Hello Jürgen,
there is another plugin for jQuery notifications:

It is very similar to the notification messages in Twitter and Stackoverflow.
And, by the way, great list!

Mary Lou

Derleth schrieb am 8. Dezember 2009 um 22:18

gracias chato, tan wenos los links :)

eeeeee schrieb am 10. Dezember 2009 um 14:40

What a treasure in here. All of that are very great plugins, especially the youtube plugin. I'm looking for that one. Thanks mate. I really appreciate it. If you don't mind, please share your opinion about eeeeee at


eiaculazione precoce schrieb am 14. Dezember 2009 um 18:52

Awesome list, man. How can you do this, man? Collecting so many list like this one? Will try it right now.

Peter schrieb am 15. Januar 2010 um 3:04

Nice plugins! tnx

anadikt schrieb am 15. Januar 2010 um 22:29

Nice plugins! tnx

beni schrieb am 28. Januar 2010 um 1:43

Autocomplete Box link has been broken

Daniel Nowak schrieb am 15. Februar 2010 um 13:22

Could you add my plugin too ?
It creates apple like sticky notes. The project url is:

Best Regards


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Mark schrieb am 12. September 2010 um 19:47

AJAX-ZOOM - high resolution image zoom and gallery

Jeniffer schrieb am 4. November 2010 um 0:43

NIce plugin just used for my site

Penn schrieb am 8. Dezember 2010 um 10:25


Penn schrieb am 8. Dezember 2010 um 10:33


Vanda Tao schrieb am 17. Dezember 2010 um 6:14

Usefull article do you mind if i translate into Italian for my sites viewers? If so what dort of acknowledgement would you prefer?

Utah Wedding Photographer Man21 schrieb am 20. Dezember 2010 um 18:04

I found this article to be very useful as well. As a photographer looking to expand internet business, it was great info in jquery. Thanks again.

d.rollstuhl schrieb am 17. Februar 2011 um 14:35

wirklich hilfreich, aber ein paar von denen sind wirklich schon betagt ;-)

Jürgen Koller schrieb am 17. Februar 2011 um 20:48

Ja das stimmt :) schon 3,5 Jahre alt die Liste..da wirds einige Plugins wohl nicht mehr geben.

Jimmy Nguyen schrieb am 4. April 2011 um 11:21

Amazing list of jQuery plugins !
Especially, File upload using jQuery techniques are very helpful for me now.
I had to replace Upload Image File in my Create New Post on my site.
Thank alot for your great work.


Madonna schrieb am 12. April 2011 um 13:56

NIce plugin just used for my site

seo schrieb am 21. Mai 2011 um 19:13

Great list of plugins you put together. Found some nice gems.

grow taller 4 idiots ebook schrieb am 2. Juni 2011 um 23:01

A very comprehensive list of plugins here, must have taken you a while to get this together, thanks man.

grow taller 4 idiots download schrieb am 2. Juni 2011 um 23:03

I don't use jsquery as much as I should, but your list of plugins is a good place to get started thanks

rocket spanish download schrieb am 6. Juni 2011 um 13:07

Thanks for the list. I will go through it and let you know if there are any that I use that are not on your list.

JB schrieb am 8. Juni 2011 um 8:24

Here is another google maps v3 wrapper : gmap3 ( )
It allows to create easily google maps using jquery syntax.
The web site and the download package include lot of demo.

Mike Jones schrieb am 9. Juni 2011 um 21:29

Thank you for sharing this jquery plugin.

somanabolic muscle maximizer download schrieb am 22. Juni 2011 um 14:32

If you have any examples of using jQuery portlets, that would be good.

Vizsla Club schrieb am 28. Juni 2011 um 14:16

A very comprehensive list of plugins here, must have taken you a while to get this together, thanks man.

Dave Morgan schrieb am 9. Juli 2011 um 17:34

Wow, that is some list, thanks for compiling this. I've bookmarked this page and will definitely be revisiting it.


grow taller for idiots review schrieb am 10. August 2011 um 18:21

Some good points here even though I don't find jquery particularly easy to work with.

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This is really a nice and informative post for all of us, thanks for posting!!

dafdaf schrieb am 22. Oktober 2011 um 8:36

A very comprehensive list of plugins here, must have taken you a while to get this together, thanks man.

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Apple Ipad Wont Charge schrieb am 31. Oktober 2011 um 18:55

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Valeriy schrieb am 19. November 2013 um 14:33

great DateTimePicker or DatePicker or TimePicker

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Great list of plugins. thanks.

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