Update 10.07.2007

There is a brand new Version of the Tab Menu available – it’s called Easy Tabs 1.2 and you can find and download it here.

A lot of people ask me about the Tabs i’m using on this page – so i decided to pack it in a zip file for you. You can use this Menu for your own Projects and Websites.

A few Infos

  • If you want that the tabs are changing on click and not on mouseover -> then just change the onmouseover to onclick 😉
  • Of course you can set a link to each Menu Tab – just set the linkurl in the href and delete the onclick=”return false;”
  • At the moment it’s not usable with disabled Javascript but i will fix this as soon i have time
  • If you want to activate the Tabs via Keyboard – just add an onfocus=”” with the same functions as the onmouseover in it.
  • I’ve packed everything in 1 File – but you can also put the css in an external css file and the javascript in an external javascript file
  • There are a lot of other ways how you can do something like this but if you use more then one of these tabmenus, i think this is one of the best solutions.
  • Questions? Just post a comment and i will help you.

Download the File (old Version)

  Easy Tabs 1.0 (1,2 KiB, 11.197 hits)

Download the Version 1.1 (All Infos here)

  Easy Tabs 1.1 (7,0 KiB, 12.754 hits)

Download the new Version 1.2 (All Infos here)

  Easy Tabs 1.2 (9,9 KiB, 572.618 hits)


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  1. I am considering to make a joomla! module with this script…
    Can you please tell me if this keyboard navigation is just with the tab key or we can use other?..

  2. Hey,
    Great plugin! On installation instructions #7 you talk about “Options” but in WordPress the menu item is called “Settings”. Had me confused for a second…change it to help make it easier for future users to install.

  3. i am not able to add this tabs in my blogger blog, can u help me? i want to add these link in my side bar
    गीतों की महफिल
    तकनीकी दस्तक
    can u send me the currect code or cen u teach me how i can add this Easy Tabs in mu blog’s side bar?

    sagarnahar @ gmail.com

  4. Hi…Friend, Great Job.

    I’ve been trying into my site, working but first load all tablist collapse. after that working fine. Can u solve this problem ?

    Problem only on => Firefox.

    I seen your tabs in this site working fine in first load using firefox.

    Thanks – Waiting 4 your reply.

  5. Dear Jürgen
    It is possible to make tab menu that two same tabcontet running in the same time with tabmenu in the middle?

    tabcontent1 tabcontent2 tabcontent3
    tab1 tab2 tab2
    tabcontent1 tabcontent2 tabcontent3

  6. I have never read something like this 🙂

    I am going to bookmark this article for future use.Thanks for this.I used to go to this Rapidshare Search Engine for downloading games, music, movies, softwares, songs before i knew this Super Blog 😀

    How did you get this information friend ??I dint read it anywhere else LOL


  7. It’s very good.
    I like this.
    Thanks for share.
    And I wrote something to introduce this project for my readers.
    You can find the post about this in my website.
    If something is wrong,pls figure it out.thanks.

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