1. nioami gandy schreibt:

    Hi Mario,
    how r u me fine I love ur music and ur cd u r a really good singer and I wish u very good luck for ur album.

  2. SHANNA schreibt:

    Hi mario i'm shanna and i really love ur songs i listen them every day i try to know every single one of them every day. u r a really good singer and i love u.


  3. Charesa Webb schreibt:

    Wuz poppin mb. i really wish you would come to b-more again. oh my birthday is coming up i wish you would sang for me well words getting short gotta bouce luv ya1.

  4. Jessica schreibt:

    hey mario. i like u cuz u from baltimore just like me. u went to the same school as my cuzin dalton jones. but u can sing n dance 2. when u gon get back n da game. dalton's mom really wants to no and i do 2. my sista likes u very much 2. if u get dis write me at thisisme@inbox.com. if u write me tell me if u remember my cuzin dalton. dats all 4 now. bye!

  5. oiii Mario tudo bem com vc espero qui sim né eu nao sei falar ingleis e nao sei se vc sabe falar portugues,eu gosto muito das suas musicas e de vc tambem vc é super maravilhoso espero qui alguem traduza isso pra vc né e se um dia vc ler qui eu acho qui vc nunca qui vai ler uma carta minha mais se eu recebece uma carta sua nao ia parar de ler ,eu comprei o seu cd e ele esta guardado e bem guardado eu gravei ele notro cd so pra nao suja ou quebra o original eu tenhu varis fotos suas quando eu te conheci Mario vc estava cantando a musica LET ME LOVE YOU eu amo todas as musicas qui vc cantar … te amo mario ok!!!

  6. alisha schreibt:

    mario its your wife alisha i love you and i hope you have a great 20th birthday and i hope i can speen it with you and i wish you the best with your music i hope you come to altantic city nj so i can see you in concert i know you is about to turn 20 and im 16 but age aint nothin but a number LOVE, #1 FAN AND WIFE ALISHA DEWAR BARRETT

  7. Amonicque bt they ca schreibt:

    I miss u and will return to usa again soon. Love u and tell ur mom i say hey and gona bring her sumthing frm Africa . Im visitin my parents frendz . If u gt this call me at +27738193618 or+27446931863. ALL MY LUV. I lost ur number thats why im visitin this site. Bye frm me

  8. Luisa schreibt:

    Olá Mario sou Luisa vivo em Portugal. Adoro-te e as tuas músicas.
    O meu sonho é conhecer-te tenho esperanças de um dia vir a realizar.
    Continua assim como és bonito símpatico sensual etc.

    beijos da tua fã 100%
    i love you 100%

    Ass: Luisa

  9. Aarti Patel schreibt:

    hey im not sure if this is mario's page or not but if its not may u please forward the following info to his management…its very important THANK YOU!!

    Hey my name is aarti patel and i just wanted to let ya know that ur freakin AWESOME!! The reason i am contacting you is because my school Gettysburg Area High School, In gettysburg PA, is having well known charity event which is a mini 16 hr dance marathon or better known as MiniTHON. The miniTHON helps raise money for childhood cancer. All of the money we raise goes to the well known four diamonds fund. The four diamonds fund helps children and their families pay for all the treatment their child needs- financially as well as emotionally. Cancer doesnt just affect the child- but the whole family as well. The four diamonds fund pays for hotel rooming if the family needs a place to stay while the child is in treatmen at the Hershey Medical Center or the Penn State Children's Hospital. During the night we may have a few 4 diamond kids come throughout the nite and watch all of the dancer that are fighting for them. They made a list of artist they would love to see perform at our school. Im pleased to let you know know that you was near the top!! We are contacting some of the artist on their list to
    see if they would play a couple of songs during the nite and we would accomadate u with a place to stay if needed. The event will be held Jan. 27-28 2007. We have many activities for dancers to do but
    having such great musicians perform would make these sickly children so
    happy. If you have the heart and time please contact me again. Thank you
    very very much for ur time and consideration. Hope to hear from you soon!!
    *if u would like to see more info please goto http://www.thon.org

    The money raised benefits the Four Diamonds Fund, supporting families
    battling pediatric cancer at the Penn State Childrens Hospital of the Milton
    S. Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, PA. Currently, more than 80% of the
    total operating budget for the Four Diamonds Fund consists of THON
    donations. The Four Diamonds Fund not only pays for medical treatments and
    cancer research, but also provides education and specialty services so that
    children do not miss out on developmental skills while spending large
    amounts of time in the hospital.

    THON has recently pledged ten million dollars over the next six years to
    construct a Pediatric Cancer Pavilion at the Medical Center to be used
    solely for pediatric oncology. This area will revolutionize family centered
    care by offering all inpatient and outpatient services in one centralized
    location for all pediatric cancer patients and their families. The purpose
    of the new facility is to provide the best care for the families with
    children enduring treatments through some of the hardest times of their
    lives. Pediatric Cancer is know 80-85% curable with all of the money that has been pledged! wouldn't it be great if you can say that you were part of curing cancer?

    again, thank you very much!!

  10. elenice schreibt:

    oi Mario se algum dia vc ler isso
    quero q saiaba que eu te Amo muitooo
    sou sua fã de carteirinha rsrsrs
    adoro todas sua musicas

    kiss love You forever

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