1. George Hermundo schreibt:

    Wow,, Lisa, you’ve done it again.
    You are simply breath taking.
    MORe MORE mORe,, We Want More
    I’ve also added you on facebook.
    Thank you for the message

  2. Girl !

    Everything is not clean: to hear between the sentences instruments: instrument of: Sunshine: J-a-y-Z feat. F-o-x-y B-r-o-w-n: rock and piano: the part of: call me when you are sober: 01:24-01:27: rock possible like in: u-m-b-r-e-l-l-a: you can combinate all instruments: all tracks with the same instruments are professional: you know i am not only the player worldwide: worldwide: say: player: you know: player: true: player: fuck me: you know: that´s right: B-i-g B-a-d M-a-m-m-a: natural voices: n-o d-i-g-g-i-t-y: can´t believe: i g-o-t a g-i-rl: you know i am not only the number one professional: only i am professional: that´s right: one: number one: not only the Lord worldwide: not only the Lord of the Showbiz: worldwide: i am the showbiz: you are so cute like my another girls: i know you want me: you really wanna: really speachless: take me here i am: do it right: step into your own life: i am yours: girl: girl you know it´s true: you know our love is: www. you tube com. de, broadcast yourself, search for: California Love !

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