One thousand Kisses

I dream about you every night,
don’t know your name,
but see your lips, your eyes,
so soft and bright.

I take your hand,
and touch your skin,
can feel your body,
you’re the sweetest sin.

I know I dream,
but babe I pray,
that you’ll be mine,
one early day.

Deep down inside of me I know,
that you can feel these moments too,
and maybe baby that’s the reason,
why every night I dream of you?

I swear my dear i’ll search my life,
until I stand in front of you,
and kiss your lips one thousand times,
to make all our dreams come true.

Then we can watch the stars each night,
and dream our dreams together,
i’ll hold your hand and swear you love,
for always and forever.

If one day this dream will really come true,
I swear by my soul and my heart,
That this true love i was always hoping for,
will never ever fall apart.

© Jürgen Koller

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