I think i want to make love with you.
But not in the way you might think
or everyone else would expect.

I want to love you in that kind of way
where two heartbeats slowly became one,
where you can feel the electricity in the air,
and how every single breath of mine
lay slowly down on your skin.

That kind of love that just a few people
are capable of to experience,
because they are dreamers and they hold
their hearts within their souls and vice versa.

It’s that kind of love that make you feel
like you’re flying, because for one moment
you let go of all of your fears,
problems, the future and the past.

Your deeply broken heart starts beating
for a second again and the numbness of your fingertips,
your red cheeks, your shaking body, fulfills
this act of love like the last brush
of a unique painting.

It’s like an old, beautiful dream,
that you have forgotten
how to dream.

© Jürgen Koller

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